Mtego wa maji wa kawaida

Plastic Water trap tuta

Local Water Trap

Make shift traps can be made using a tray/bucket in combination with our pheromone dispenser which should be suspended above the water.


Russell IPM formulate and manufactures a Tuta absoluta pheromone lure, which can be used for monitoring and green house mass trapping. The improved formulation pheromone lure TUA-Optima (0.8 mg) delivers the additional benefit of a constant release over a longer period of time in warmer climates.

  • TUA-Optima has been formulated to maintain the steady release of Tuta absoluta pheromone for up to 6 weeks.
  • Suitable for both green house and open field crops.
  • Ensures a higher catch rate than the standard 0.5mg pheromone lure available in the market.
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