“Biotrine provides the synergistic blend of insecticide and plant extracts to stimulate the plant and protect it from insect pests”

How it works

Biotrine is a laravacide, affecting the 1st and 2nd instars.

It triggers the plant defence system against pathogens limiting the secondary infection of the open wounds caused by Tuta absoluta. It assists the plant in preparing against further attacks from the newly hatched larvae. Biotrine provides protection against early and advanced leaf damage caused by Tuta absoluta.

Target Crops

Potato, Sweet Pepper, Aubergine and Tomato

Natural biorational pest control product

1 Dilute 1 litre of Biotrine in 1000-1500 litres of water per hectare.

66-100ml of Biotrine 100 litres.

2 Use as a leaf spray, leave 14 days between applications.

For pre-harvest interval leave for 4 days on fruits, 10 days on leaf crops.

3 Ideal for pests that attack leaves.

Spray and coat the leaves uniformly.

Works best on the early larvae stages.

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